Sunday, 11 November 2018

November News.

We have been enjoying the new playground equipment.

Lots of children have begun playing summer sports for the school: futsal, rippa, touch and flippa ball.

We have been talking about Duty, the value of the term. It is all the other values put together.

We are still practising very hard for the Production on the 29th November. Mrs Phillips said thank you to the parents who have sent their costumes already. Any extra leggings or shorts would be helpful.

Miss McAuley left on Friday. Miss MacKay will be back to teach us this Friday afternoon and next Friday. We are really looking forward to it. Mrs Jackson was here last Friday as Mrs Phillips has been going to lots of teacher meetings in Wellington and Dunedin.

Remember the teacher's will not be at school on Thursday because they are having a strike. They want more new teachers and the teachers here now to stay.

We are looking forward to getting our reports soon, so that we will know which class we will be in next year.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

What's new in Term 4?

 Maori with Mrs Yeoman happened on Fridays last term and the first week this term. When it was your birthday you wore the cloak and we sang to you in Maori. Last week Alicia, her sister Sophie from R18 and Saffron celebrated their birthdays.
 The Middle Team Kapa Haka group performed for us last Friday.
Mina, Thomas and Byson from R16 were very good in this performance.

We have a new College Teacher. Her name is Miss McAuley.  She will be with us for three weeks. We are looking forward to working with her.

Last Thursday we had Athletics Day at the Caledonian Ground. The Year 3's had fun with athletic events on the outside rotations. The Year 2's also had a fun programme on the inside rotations. R16 said it was: fun, exciting, amazing, awesome, fantastic, breath taking, Active Positive and Proud, not too extreme, hot, sunny, epic, the best, magnificent, on-fire, tiring and a free day!

Monday 22nd October was a holiday called Labour Day. It was to let people have a break and not too work too long. It was also to stop children working!

We are very busy practising for our production on November 29th.

Remember that next Thursday is photo day.

Mrs Phillips is busy watching our behaviour and checking on our work as she is writing our reports at the moment.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Miss MacKay has finished!

 Have you seen this giant worm outside Room 16? Miss MacKay helped us make it. She has finished in our class but might be able to come back and visit us next term.
Miss MacKay taught us different outdoor fitness games and more indoor fitness activities on Go Noodle.
She was timing how fast we could get ready and onto the mat. We got very fast! She used the prize box when we followed instructions quickly.
Miss MacKay also had a fun writing activity. She took our photo and aged it so we looked 80 years old. We then made a "bucket-list" about things we want to achieve by then!

We have been going to Māori with Mrs Yeoman on Fridays and three people from R16 are in the Middle Team Kapa Haka Group.

We had three athletics afternoons practising for the Athletics Day on Thursday 18th October.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Squirmy Worms

This term our topic is the living world. We went on a scavenger hunt around the school to find things that were living and non-living. Then we chose earthworms to observe as a living animal. We built a worm farm and Miss MacKay bought us 1000 worms!

We have been creative in our choosing time and making fantastic team drawings on the whiteboard!

During maths time, we have been showing our working through different ways. Thomas, Hadi and Genjin are using materials to find the solution to a tricky equation.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mrs Phillips is back!

Mrs Phillips came back this week.  We told her about all the things we had been doing since she was away.
With Mrs Jackson we talked about animals and the different groups they came in.  We talked about mammals, especially elephants. We talked about reptiles, especially turtles.  We also talked about fish, birds, amphibians and marsupials.  We made turtle pictures and project books for our Time to Shine Books. 
We also made magic glitter pictures which are hanging in Room 16 for you to see.
Our last Discovery Day was on Friday.  We will share with the Middle Team this Friday.
We did our presentations for the class.  Mrs Phillips was sad she missed these!
The teachers were not at school on Thursday afternoon as they went to a big teacher meeting.  They are worried that there are not enough new young teachers starting to teach and we don't have many people to be relievers any more!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Fun with Miss MacKay

Miss MacKay has been teaching us this week. We have learnt about probability. This is what we know so far...

On Friday we performed 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' for Room 5. Mrs Jackson helped us read the book and make masks. It was lot's of fun!

We made tapas for Samoan language week. We know that tapas are made and gifted to people to show thanks and compassion.

November News.

We have been enjoying the new playground equipment. Lots of children have begun playing summer sports for the school: futsal, rippa, touch...